Ware Neck Posted on 25 Sep 12:00

Ware Neck


We would like to start our story with the unique peninsula where we live.
This is Nuttall's General Store which houses the Ware Neck Post Office. It hasn't changed much.


The building dates back to 1875 and has housed the Ware Neck PO since 1951.


Locals refer to the store as Rudy's. Rudolph Nuttall purchased it in 1944 and  it was run by Rudy until 2002. Rudy would spend time talking to you about who caught the biggest speck (speckled trout) or help find you some piece of hardware. He sold everything from bottom paint for your boat to hardware, crab pots, deli meat or would cut up a chicken for you just the way you liked it. If Rudy didn't have it, you probably didn't need it. He passed away on May 1, 2007. He was the sweetest man.


We are doing our best to have every order postmarked in Ware Neck. Hopefully the increase in packages being scanned from TheVakShack will help insure that this little piece of history doesn't get closed due to budget cuts.

Thanks for your time!

John & Lori