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The unique peninsula where we live.

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The Next Chapter of TheVakShack!


We would like to introduce ourselves. We are John & Lori of Ware Neck, Virginia, the new owners of TheVakShack.  We will tell you more about us after we take care of some long overdue and extremely well deserved thank yous.

Our first task is to thank Amanda, the founder of TheVakShack for all her support, enthusiasm, and assistance, making this transition as smooth as possible. Amanda has created a great business, built on great prices and excellent customer service. We have every intention of continuing with this business model, and also to continue nurturing this site. Thanks Amanda! It's been a real pleasure working with you. We'll make you proud.

Secondly, there wouldn't be TheVakShack without you!  We would like to thank all of the faithful customers who patiently awaited the delivery of our stock. Each and every order is looked at personally and extremely valued. We would like to also welcome the new customers who have jumped aboard. We are looking forward to having you as part of TheVakShack family.

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So, I typically keep personal and business endeavors separate...BUT...I am going to share with you a really special, sentimental project that I have been working on for almost two years.

As some of you may know, I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was just ten years old. This has affected everything in my life. When I became a mother in June 2013, my life was sweetened. Thanks to my supportive husband and The Vak Shack, I am able to stay home with my children, which is especially important to me, after having my time with my own Mama cut short.

Shortly after my daughter was born I wrote a sat in a notebook for 2.5 years until I finally decided it was time to turn it into a children's book. And that's what I did! I am sharing to get the word out...I currently rank #135 on my Amazon category and my dream is to get to the #1 neat would that be!

This book is the perfect gift for ALL it is about how generations of love are passed on through a tune. It's really sweet and sentimental. So, if you know of any mothers (expecting Mamas count, too!) who have ever rocked a baby to sleep at night, or if you are a grandparent yourself...I would SO appreciate you passing this book along. I think you'll love the ending!

God bless you all. Thank you for your wonderful patronage of The Vak Shack since 2006...I am so grateful that I am able to own and operate a business here in the USA that allows me to stay home with my children (and pursue my dreams).

Happy Mother's Day!!


See the story behind the book here.
See what my friends & family have to say here.
Watch a book trailer video here.
Purchase on Amazon here.
Watch Moochie Moochie Moo Moo
BONUS Video Trailer!