The BBQ Connection Posted on 8 Jan 03:30

How do you end up involved in vacuum bags?

 This question has been asked more times than we can count. In our case, it was BBQ.  Mainly ribs, butts and sausage. I knew we needed a vacuum packer.


 For years, we froze our freshly caught fish in milk cartons filled with fresh water. Then about twelve years ago I got involved smoking meats. This took on a life of it's own. Dry rub pork butt and dry rubbed ribs were being mastered. It wasn't long before I was asked to provide some of these entrees for friends gatherings. At this point I realized that the vacuum sealer that I had put off purchasing for years couldn't wait any longer. And, we could use it on the fish too!

I ended up swinging into a big box store one day and bought a Food Saver. I used the bags provided and bought a roll or two. This was also around the time I was asked to smoke some butts for a big get together. I was now going through vacuum rolls like they were paper towels. This wasn't going to work for long at retail prices. 

I started looking online for a source of vacuum rolls and bags. At some point I found I put in my order for it to be delivered to my PO Box. Of course the billing address and shipping address apparently set off red flags of fraud. I got in touch with Amanda at and explained the issue with living rurally and having a PO box out of necessity, not our choice. Amanda was very accommodating and our business connection was established.

Fast forward a bunch of years and I received her email stating that was for sale. My first reaction was, "Now I have to find a new supplier." I happened to mention this while I was standing in a friend's kitchen. His immediate response was, "Why don't you buy it?" .

I shot off an email to Amanda and in less that two months I had my inventory and access to all of Amanda's hard work. (Thanks again, Amanda!)

The best part of this has been learning from Amanda's experience and getting to know some of TheVakShack family of customers. Your positive feedback has been overwhelming!

Next post will be some more BBQ.