Sous-Vide Posted on 21 Mar 12:00

We were supposed to have more BBQ news, but instead, we have some Sous Vide news!

Sous Vide is a method of cooking food in a vacuum bag. The results are amazing. This method of cooking involves cooking food at a low temperature for a long period of time under a vacuum. This cooks the food evenly throughout no matter the thickness. Once the food is cooked you can brown it over a grill, or in a pan. This adds the dark char and flavor without overcooking the interior of the food.

 We purchased our immersion heater from and chose the 1100W model. Their prices are extremely reasonable.

 The immersion heater, a pot full of water and your meat in one of our bags is all that's necessary to get results pictured below.


Here are two raw rib eye steaks seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning

 Raw ribeye steaks with Montreal Seasoning vacuum packed


The final product after they have been seared in a cast iron pan:


It was delicious, juicy and tender!


This was our first attempt. We have since done more rib eyes and porter house steaks. Again the results were equally delicious.

Temperature was set to 128.5 degrees Fahrenheit .

Time was approximately sixty minutes at temperature.

The great thing is that with Sous Vide, you can just leave it in the bath and it won't overcook.

There are a multitude of sites on the web dedicated to this type of cooking. Take a few minutes to look into this and see how restaurants and home cooks are using this method. I think you'll be amazed with the results!