Minipack MVS 65X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine

$ 8,155.00 $ 10,500.00

Product Details

  • Moisture Quick Stop for Sealing liquids
  • Liquids tray included
  • Includes 9 user-set programs
  • Hot Food Cycle for hot liquids and food
  • Excess bag cut-off
  • Pop-out seal bars for additional seal options
  • Unique seal pattern ensures a stronger seal
  • Uses a powerful Busch vacuum pump

The MVS 65X is one of the largest chamber vacuum sealers made by Minipack. It features a large 29” x 27” chamber with dual wide 24” sealing bars. This allows you to package some very large items, a few medium size items or several small pouches.

The powerful 3hp Busch R5 oil rotary pump allows this machine to perform up to 3 cycles per minute. It can be set up with custom programs and a variety of things can be adjusted including the sealing time and the amount of air removed. This chamber sealer is excellent for industrial / commercial applications and can easily keep up with continuous use. This sealer sits on casters for added mobility.

The integrated digital display keeps the operator in the know during the entire packaging process. This sealer can be used for packaging food, medical supplies, parts, devices and much more. The stainless steel design not only looks classy, but it holds up well and is extremely easy to clean. Order your Minipack MVS 65X chamber vacuum sealer today!

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