Minipack MVS 52X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine

$ 4,500.00 $ 5,995.00

Product Details

  • 9 user-settable programs
  • Pop-out seal bars
  • Moisture Quick Stop technology to avoid spills
  • Hot food cycle for hot liquids or foods
  • Cuts off excess material
  • Include liquids tray
  • Unique waffle-like pattern for added strength
  • Equipped with a Busch vacuum pump

If you’re looking for a mid-range freestanding vacuum sealer that can be used for packaging larger food items or several smaller items, take a look at the Minipack MVS 52X.

This chamber sealer has a 20” x 21” chamber and dual sealing bars that are 21” long. Using the dual sealing bars, you are able to seal a single bag or multiple bags at the same time. This really opens up the possibilities on what you can package.

While the MVS 52X is excellent for packaging poultry, pork, beef, cheeses, fruits and veggies, it can also be used for packaging parts, supplies, medical devices and much more. The MVS 52X features a stainless steel design that is extremely easy to clean and makes food sanitation easy.

As is the case with all of our Minpack products, the MVS 52X features an impeccable build quality that will hold up with continued use. Order today!


Chamber & Seal Bars
Chamber Width x Length 20.00" x 21.00" (2x)
Height (Chamber + Dome/Lid = Total) 3.50" + 3.00" = 6.50"
Number of Seal Bars (removable) 4
Position of Seal Bars Left & Right
Seal Bar Length 4 x 21.00"
Distance between Seal Bars 16.00"
4 mm Seal + 1 mm Cut-Off Seal
Unique Waffle-Pattern Sealing
Pop-Out Seal Bars
Independent Power to each Seal Bar
Pump Type Busch R5 Oil Rotary
Cycles per Minute* up to 3
Free Air Displacement @ 50Hz 40 m³/h
Free Air Displacement @ 60Hz 48 m³/h
Pump Power Rating 2 hp
Power Supply 220V / 3ph / 18A
Display & Controls
Water Resistant Digital Display
LED Full Description Display
Electronic Millibar Sensor
Customizable Programs 9
Operational Features
Programmable Sealing Time
Programmable Vacuum Time (%)
Moisture Quick Stop
Excess Bag Cut-Off
High Volume Density Plates
Indicating Display
Programmable Service Reminder
1 Year Limited Warranty
Housing & Dimensions
Material Stainless 304
Lid Type Transparent with Dome
Width x Length 51.00" x 31.00"
Height (Lid open/closed) 52.50" / 38.75"
Working Height 35.00"
Locking Casters
Shipping Wt. (Pallet not included) 692lbs
Optional Seal Bars
Wide Flat Seal (6mm + 1mm Cut-Off Seal)
Dual Flat Seal (2 x 4 mm)
Dual Convex Seal (2 x 3.5 mm)
Top & Bottom Seal
Optional Features
Inert Gas Flush Kit
Evacuation Filter Kit
Tray for Liquids
Taller Dome -
230V Single Phase @ 50/60Hz 48 m³/h
208V Three Phase @ 50/60Hz 75 m³/h
*Depends on type of product, film and operator ability.
Specifications may change without notice.