Minipack MVS 160FB (Recessed Deck)

$ 8,900.00 $ 11,995.00

Minipack now offers a line of five different Swing Lid Double Chamber Vacuum Machine with flat decks, now with the exclusive Easy Swing lid. The sizes are all specified below. The Minipack Swing Lid line all share the following features:
Aluminum Lid with Sightglass Light, sturdy and includes product visibility
9 Digital Programs Nine storable programs for different products, liquids, solids, gas, etc.
Digital Vacuum Sensor Measures & compares the programmed vacuum percent for accuracy
Moisture Quick Stop Stops vacuum instantly and seals pouch for liquid products
Tool less Trouble Shooting Digitally test components through control board without tools
Service Indicator Digital display will display OIL when service is due
Extra Vac Runs evacuation up to 30 sec. longer for porous or soft products
Horizontal Lid Springs Ergonomically designed to reduce weight and operator fatigue
Soft Air Controls the air return rate for delicate or sharp products
Pump Conditioning Removes and eliminates moisture deposits in oil
Stainless Steel Construction Premium 304 stainless steel materials and robust construction
Flat Deck Construction Optimized for high volume operations. Flat deck is easy to clean
Quick Change Seal Bars 1 bolt removal system for easy access
Top & Bottom Seal Available as a special order option on most MVS model machines
All the MVS Swing-Lid machines feature genuine Busch® vacuum pumps. Each seal bar is powered independently using a dedicated transformer. All swing-lid machines come standard with 2 seal bars per chamber. When one side is finished vacuuming and sealing the packages you simply swing the lid to the other side to start a new cycle. This is approximately 30% faster than using a single chamber machine. We have six other double chamber models available. HACCP Portal plans are available for all vacuum machines.
We have vacuum pouches for these and other vacuum machines that use them.


All swing lid machines may be special order.